Who Knew!

I have exciting news to share..... Who knew this little store was in any way important enough to be invited by Stamp-It to an all day workshop with Tim Holtz?

Some time ago Stamp-It sent out an e-mail to their retailers indicating that they would be bringing Tim Holtz to Australia and that selected retailers would be the only ones getting an invite for the 8 hour workshop. I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity but really didn't think we were big enough fish to warrant an invitation, although we do support Stamp-It products.

Guess what? It turns out we are important enough to get an invitation and thanks to my wonderful husband Grant who will be minding shop, I'm booked to go off to Sydney in June to participate in this great opportunity.

What this means for my fabulous customers, is that I'll be able to bring back some nifty techniques for our own workshops. Wheee!

Excuse me while I go away and breath into a paper bag to calm down!!! :)