Now that the pain of the move has receded!

The title says it all! Now that the pain of moving our shop has receded into the distance a bit, I have been able to collect my thoughts and put together some classes for Feb & March. You can see the new class list if you click the link to the right!

Also to let you know that our road frontage has currently been KILLED and slowly being revived! Yes it was here that the 24,000 pair telephone cable was severed (in case you were affected by that!). Access is a bit awful at the moment but we will soon be rewarded with a new two way road and (so I'm told) traffic lights on the corner of Stuart St and Spencer Sts by the end of the year!

For those intrepid travelers who have come to visit us in our new premise, it's been a pleasure welcoming you all and we hope to see more once our road is in top repair!